You would like to cancel tanning appointment with our team, here’s how!


NO cancellations will be accepted within 2 weeks BEFORE the appointment

Here are the only 2 possibilities that will be accepted to cancel your appointment with our team:

1) Cancellation of the athlete’s appointment

  • The appointment will be canceled at the request of the athlete.
  • An amount of $ 60 will be withheld from the amount received.
  • The difference will be refunded to the athlete.
  • This is done because tan orders have been placed based on the number of athletes who have booked for an appointment.

2) Sell tanning appointment to another athlete

  • It will be possible for an athlete to sell his/her appointment to another athlete
  • The sale of the appointment is the total charge of the athlete who wishes to sell his appointment.CONDITIONS TO BE FILLED:
    a) Must be at the same competition
    b) Must be of the same sex
    c) Must be at the same timeINFORMATION TO BE PROVIDED – BY EMAIL ONLY
    a) Name & Surname of the athlete
    b) Name of the competition + Date
    c) The time of the appointment sold
    d) Athlete’s e-mail

    Buyer :
    a) Name & Surname of the athlete
    b) Name of the competition + Date
    c) The appointment time
    d) Athlete’s e-mail

    The insurance of the payment of the sold appointment + the transfer of the information of the sale – complete charge of the salesperson ***